If it’s one thing to choose the places you’ll visit in Andaman, it’s another to book a comfy place to stay in during your trip. It might take a lot of time to pick out a few hotels and then choose from them so we decided to make it easier. 

Here are some things to consider before booking some of the best hotels in Andaman

  • Before booking any hotels in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, it’s important to book ferry tickets from Port Blair to various islands and back again to Port Blair. Based on the ferry ticket availability, you can book a hotel that’s close to the ferry boarding point.
  • Booking a hotel in Port Blair for the night of your arrival and the night of your departure is important so that you’re all sorted out well when you reach and before you leave.
  • Contact local travel agencies and book your hotels with them as they’re locals and they can save you tons of money as compared to booking them on sites like MMT, GOIBIBO, and OYO.
  • Booking a hotel that’s close to the place you board your ferry is essential because if you miss a single ferry, all the other ferries that you booked need to be cancelled. It’s difficult to reschedule ferries and it will most probably ruin your plans in Andaman.

Here’s how to choose the best Andaman and Nicobar Hotels:

  • You’ll want to choose a hotel that’s not more than 5 kms away from the city. Stick within a range of 3-5 kms so that it’s close to the airport, ferry boarding point, and all the major places in the city.
  • Depending on the locality you like, select a hotel that’s in the middle of busy streets, on a hill side, beach side or on a lush green belt. Whichever locality you choose, keep it within a 5 km range to the city as mentioned above.
  • The place where the hotel is located should have easy access to roads as they’ll be connecting you to all the places you’d be visiting such as the airport, ferry boarding point, restaurants, hospitals, and more.
  • The property you’ll be staying in should be hygienic and to your liking because you’d be staying in it for the duration of your trip. Make sure it is in a safe location and there are people around you.
  • An ideal hotel should contain all the facilities to put you at ease. You’ll be returning to your hotel room all tired and having all the amenities available makes it easier for you to relax.

If you’re visiting Andaman with your family or friends, book a hotel keeping everyone in mind which includes all the facilities that all of you might need. That will ensure everyone has a pleasant stay during the trip.